Black Masterbatch application in manufacturing Plastic products

Black Masterbatch is widely used in industrial plastic products, through producing processes like extrusion molding, blown film, blown molding, pipe extruder, etc. Its everyday applications are making car plastic parts, agricultural plastic mulching, garbage bags or HDPE pipes.

The intention of using Black Masterbatch is to add black color to plastic goods. There are 2 primary reasons to use Masterbatch instead of directly adding color pigment to the Mixer: To ensure the good dispersion of pigment and to maintain the stability of the color.

Firstly, Black Masterbatch helps to refine the pigment, therefore improve the consistency of color dispersion, as long as you choose the suitable polymer-based, right mixing dosage and good quality of Masterbatch.

Secondly, Black Masterbatch could effectively maintain the stability of pigments. When we use a product, the pigment in it will contact with air and moisture that could degrade and affect the durability of the product. Producing a product using Black Masterbatch can slow down the degrading process and keep the product in good shape for a long time.

But are there downsides to using Black Masterbatch?

We know that Black Masterbatch is well compatible with Plastic products, hence it stays in the product for a long time & maintains a good color of product. However, if we overuse Black Masterbatch, it could negatively affect the outcome. If too much Masterbatch is added to the Compound, the system's viscosity will increase to a level that will obstruct the molding process and reduce the mechanical properties of the products. It could also reduce the transparency of polymer and heat resistance of products.

Those are more reasons why we should carefully choose the most suitable and original Black Masterbatch before making plastic products. Vietnam Hanotech JSC supplies customers with the best quality Virgin Black Masterbatch with devoted supporting service. We are looking forward to extending our business relationship to every customer interested in our products!


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