Introduction about Color Masterbatch

What are color masterbatch? How VIETNAM HANOTECH color masterbatch are manufactured?

Color Masterbatch are one of the important product groups that VIETNAM HANOTECH manufactures and supplies to domestic and international plastic market. VIETNAM HANOTECH brand color masterbatch always ensure a variety of types and colors, meeting all the requirements from the smallest to the most detailed that customers desire for their plastic products. So, what are Color Masterbatches and how are they manufactured? Join VIETNAM HANOTECH to learn more about the type of color masterbatch that bring color to our lives through this article!

How important are color masterbatch in plastic production?

Color Masterbatch is a material that helps to color the plastic products, made from high quality pigments, base resins and some additives. Using color masterbatch in plastic production not only helps create a great color for the finished product, but also adds a number of other features without adversely affecting the environment. Especially, with the material of high quality Color Masterbatch from VIETNAM HANOTECH and used at the correct content, plastic manufacturers will easily process and achieve the output product with stable color and durability. Good light and excellent heat resistance.

VIETNAM HANOTECH color masterbatch - solutions to increase the aesthetics of familiar products in life

Color masterbatch are generally widely applied in most industries and plastic manufacturing. A specific example of a common application for this type of plastic film is blowing plastic bags to produce shopping bags, waste bins, and food bags.

By implementing various methods such as extrusion, blow molding, and molding, manufacturers can easily create many other plastic products from plastic film to household appliances (such as cans, bottles, trays, boxes, etc.) and furniture (tables, chairs, lamps, etc.) are vivid and eye-catching colors.