PE Shrink Film

PE Shrink Film

PE film (also known as shrink film) other name is PE Stretch film. PE stands for polyethylene or polyethene, which has a formula of (-CH2-CH2-)n. Obtained by the polymerization of ethylene monomers (C2H4) under suitable temperature and pressure conditions.

Production methods

The production method for which PE is popular is the extrusion method. The PE resin is first put into the extruder, the machine has a flat head mold or is made from a round head mold, the plastic bead is transferred in the extruder and is heated to make molten plastic, then the plastic will be passed through the mold head., then passes through the mold, then cools and rolls in. In the process of going through forming frame, we can adjust the thin film thickness by the rate of stretching.

Characteristic and properties of PE film

Transparent color, slightly translucent, flexible, non-conductive and non-conductive, water-proof, grease-proof, dust-proof, O2, CO2, NO2-waterproof ... Depending on the type of PE they have vitrification temperature Tg ≈ -100 ° C and melting point Tm ≈ 120 ° C.

PE film has the chemical properties of Hydrocarbon saturated as it does not work with acid, control, potassium permanganate, Br water. Colorless, odorless, inert to all solvents at room temperature. At high temperatures, PE dissolves poorly in solvents such as: xilen, amylacetate, trichlorethylene, pine oil, mineral oil ... but still not soluble in water and alcohols, acton, ethyl esters, glicerin ...

High elasticity up to 300%, good adhesion.


PE film is used to wrap wires, wrap goods, bags of all kinds, boxes with a volume of from 1 to 20 liters with different thicknesses, to make thin PE film to cover rain, bottles, manufacture equipment in the manufacturing industry. chemical export.

In families often use PE film (food wrap) to wrap on food to avoid dirt, preserve food longer.

In the furniture industry, PE film is used to wrap the furniture after manufacturing to avoid sticking to the product, avoiding scratches when transporting the product.

PE film is also used in industries such as corrugated iron, helps prevent dust, waterproof, avoid collision.

In addition, some spa centers also use PE film to make waist for women by covering with medication.

What kind of PE Filler Masterbatch does Vietnam HANOTECH offer?

Hanotech's PE Filler Masterbatch product line is made from calcium carbonate stone powder based on LLDPE, LDPE and HDPE plastic. In particular, Calcicum carbonate accounts for the largest proportion. With the advantage of high quality Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) material, Hanotech produced PE plastic fillers promises to deliver uniform dispersion with excellent compatibility.

We provide the most cost-effective solution as well as enhance the surface properties, hardness, physical and chemical durability of the product, enhance the heat resistance advantage. Our PE plastic fillers will be added to polyolefin to blow film to replace part of the plastic material in the product, improve properties and save production costs.

The product we provide will resolve the following issues:

Thickness: You can use single or multi-layer membrane

Covered: use granules with high content films (40-45%).

Speed: use additives to improve speed.

Dispersion ability: the use of additives and highly specialized techniques to solve.

Reliability, elasticity: fine stone powder size, good adhesion.

Smell: Do not use recycle granules, use entirely with virgin granules.

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