Production Process

The stages in the production process of VIETNAM HANOTECH to customers:


Filler masterbatch is a great solution for traditional plastic products

Filler Masterbatch is a plastic additive, CaCO3 based compound is widely used in the plastic industry to change the mechanical properties and hardness of substrate or polymer. The high temperature mixing on modern technology lines between polyolefin and super-fine Calcium Carbonate produces masterbatch filler products that have many applications in the plastic industry and reduce product costs and increase value.

Following are the steps in the product process from the factory to the customer:

Sample test

Proposing the most compatible product code for customers or getting a sample test of customers

Purpose: to check the exact content of% CaCo3 in the product => Adjust machinery strictly according to technical requirements.

The masterbatch filler production process takes place according to the following basic stages:

Mixture of CaCO3 stone powder, resin, additives are mixed by machine at high speed.

The mixture is melted into a liquid at high temperatures.

The liquid mixture is cooled and then pushed by the screw in the twin screw extruder and pressed into the mold.

Plastic is put into a cutter to cut into particles. These particles will be padded into plastic masterbatch to bring new features to the raw plastic.

Always check the quality during production: before, during and after production => ensure product stability.