Protect Film

Protection Film

PE full name is Polyethylene is an organic compound (thermoplastic) is used very popular in the world. PE protective film is a thin PE plastic film coated with acrylic.

The production method for which PE is popular is the extrusion method. The PE resin is first put into the extruder, the machine has a flat head mold or is made from a round head mold, the plastic beads are transferred in the extruder and heated to make molten plastic, then the plastic will be passed through the mold head. , then passes through the mold, then cools and rolls in. In the process of going through forming frame, we can adjust the thin film thickness by the rate of stretching

Properties and characteristics of films

Transparent, slightly translucent, flexible, non-conductive and non-conductive membrane, waterproof, greaseproof, dustproof, O2, CO2, NO2-waterproof.

PE film has the chemical properties of Hydrocarbon as no effect with acid, control, potassium permanganate, Br water. Colorless, odorless, inert to all solvents at room temperature. At high temperatures, PE dissolves poorly in solvents such as: xilen, amilacetate, trichloroethylene, pine oil, mineral oil. But still not soluble in water and fatty alcohols, acton, ethyl ether, glycerin.

High elasticity of up to 300%, good adhesion.


Product advantages

The contact surface is easy to peel off.

Material from 100% virgin.

After removal from the product, residues of adhesive on the product do not remain.

Good adhesion and stability, very easy to stick to the product surface.

Antistatic and high temperature resistant

Product application

In the metal industry: products are used in the production of computer cases, aluminum plates, galvanized steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, glass panels, solar panels, ...

In photovoltaic industry: the product is used in the production of LCD liquid crystal display equipment, reflective panels, and telephone screens.

In the plastic industry: the product is used in ABS, PP, PVC, acrylic board, instrumentation, plastic glass panels, spray paint surface protection.

Printing industry: products are used to protect the printing surface, PVC, PC board, aluminum sheet, plastic sheet.

In the industry of manufacturing electric wires and cables: preventing dust, pollution on coils, semi-finished products, finished products and copper wires.

In electronics manufacturing: protecting finished and semi-finished products so that they do not cause scratches or bumps on production lines.

In the manufacture of phones: screen protector, phone protection stickers.

What kind of PE Filler Masterbatch does Vietnam HANOTECH offer?

HANOTECH's PE Filler Masterbatch product line is made from calcium carbonate stone powder based on LLDPE, LDPE and HDPE plastic. In particular, calcium carbonate accounts for the largest proportion. With the advantage of high quality Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) material, PE plastic fillers produced by HANOTECH promises to provide uniform dispersion with excellent compatibility.

We provide the most cost-effective solution as well as enhance the surface properties, hardness, physical and chemical durability of the product, enhance the heat resistance advantage. Our PE plastic fillers will be added to polyolefin to blow film to partially replace the plastic materials in the products, improve properties and save production costs.

The product we provide will resolve the following issues:

VIETNAM HANOTECH is the only company that provides high quality color masterbatch to achieve the optimal content (40-45%), so the film thickness is always within 15 microns for each layer.

Color dispersion is always the strength of VIETNAM HANOTECH, which helps greatly in improving machine speed, especially white and black particles.

Black particles with a high carbon content will ensure the protective film always keeps heat and reflects light best.

The outer surface of the product will ensure that the protective film has a glossy surface and is easy to print.

VIETNAM HANOTECH's product price always makes customers happy.

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